My work often focuses on the details of scenes which may otherwise be overlooked by the casual observer; the intricacy of the knots tethering a fishing boat at Filey or the abstract patterns to be found only on close-up inspection of a single leaf or flower. The beauty in the world around us is something that greatly interests me as an artist and is a theme which runs through much of my work.
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Slide God Bless the Queen, Long live the king Life in London presents limitless opportunities to capture beautiful and historic buildings including arguably one of the most recognisable of them all Buckingham palace. Slide Life in London I have always had a passion for capturing images of interesting and beautiful buildings Slide Boats and Harbours I have a fascination with boats, particularly the old fishing industries in the North East of England.
The Filey cobles and boat details feature in many of my pieces.
Slide Churches and Cathedrals The history and architecture of the churches and cathedrals in the UK provides a huge range of artistic possibilities, more than 40,000 still exist! To see more take a look at my galleries Slide Industrial Britain Some hugely interesting architecture can be found in less beautiful buildings, this provides a huge opportunity to capture our industrial heritage. Take a look at more of the buildings in the gallery Slide The Details I have always had an interest in the fine details of objects whatever they are, I have a huge collection of weaponry image mostly from museums of the UK including the Royal Armoires.
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Some work from The Stones Cry Out Exhibition Lincoln

Images of Filey and the age old Filey Coble boats.

Landscapes of the the Derbyshire Moors and Peak District

London buildings provide a wealth of artistic opportunity


The bulk of my work since my early days has been dominated by pen and ink, this technique allows for strong areas of contrast and fine details difficult with other media. Some of my more detailed pen and inks require thousands of individual pen strokes and can take 40-50 hours. It is further possible to introduce water colour to the base image to create a different effect. Enjoy my galleries the pen and ink work has a strong presence.


Some say that watercolour is one the hardest painting technique to master, the base paper the colours and the water itself have a great influence, but more than any of these it is the ability of the artist through experience to control and build the image. I often use water to compliment an existing pen & ink, you will see several of these in the galleries.

Model Building

Since my first pen and ink drawing I also took huge pleasure in making model replica sailing boats. The detail of these boats meant that such projects could take more than 1 year! In the portfolio you will see some of my latest project which are small modelled boats created to sit inside a frame, each has its own theme and story with individual elements making them unique. Enjoy the galleries and be sure to look at the model boat creations.